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At Great Dental Centers we maintain an extensive due diligence process for each of our locations and dentists. We do this because we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident choosing any of our locations.

Our due diligence process verifies the following items:

  • Education & Degrees
  • State Licensing
  • Licenses have to be valid with zero incidents of disciplinary action.
  • Board Certification
  • Specialty Training and Designations
  • Malpractice History
  • Medicare History
  • Medicaid History

This due diligence process is not just done at the beginning of each dentist's tenure with us but annually. We do this to verify that licenses are renewed and that disciplinary action remains at zero. We also annually validate that malpractice coverage is in place and that there has been no change in their history.

Dentists must apply to become a member of the Great Dental Centers program, which involves completing detailed applications and passing our rigorous screening process. Our Quality Assurance department is dedicated to the initial screening and continued monitoring of member dentists, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verifying that member dental licenses are current and in good standing, not currently subject to disciplinary action, and carry malpractice insurance
  • Requiring certification for any claimed specialty or service
  • Maintaining detailed dentist information, including school attended, services offered, office hours, and more
  • Validating claims of practice features such as the ability to treat young children or state-of the-art equipment
  • Surveying patients on an ongoing basis to assure the highest level of satisfaction and care

Once dentists pass our screening requirements they pay a membership fee, which is billed on a per-lead basis. If any member fails to uphold our high standards (based on the criteria above or feedback from the consumers we match with their practice), they may be removed from the service. We do not dictate member dentists' fees, treatment options or the manner in which they practice.

Consumers who call us or visit our website are asked to provide information including their location, dental need, insurance, and voucher code when applicable. Based on the location entered, we provide a list of practices from which consumers may choose and share contact information between consumers and our dentists so that consumers can schedule an appointment.

Why we do all of this?
We do it for you. Your oral health is important and we want your experience with our dentists to be excellent and turn into a long term professional relationship. We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you.

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